bar adapter Yamaha cap

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bar adapter Yamaha cap

Please note: one package contains 2 adapters für

Yamaha YZFR7 Baujahr 2022,
Fazer (FZ8) Baujahr 2011 - 2015

The bar adapter Yamaha cap allows the mounting of all mo.view bar end mirrors on Yamaha handlebars without moving the grips and controls on the handlebars.
The adapter creates a clamping surface for the handlebar end mirror outside the steering tube. No matter if for the mo.view blade, mo.view spy, mo.view flight, mo.view cafe, mo.view road, mo.view pace, mo.view cruise or mo.view street.

It is made of stainless steel.
The assembly in the handlebar end is done by screwing into the handlebar. Then the handlebar end mirror is clamped on the adapter.

The bar adapter Yamaha cap comes with two screws for the left and right side of the handlebars.

Specifications and features


Fits all Yamaha handlebars YZFR7 built 2022, Fazer FZ8 built 2011-2015
Total length: approx. 45 mm
Width of clamping surface for mirror: 8 mm, fits all mo.view handlebar end mirrors
Diameter of clamping surface: 1 inch, fits all mo.view handlebar end mirrors
Weight (1 piece): approx. 35 g

Scope of delivery
2 x bar adapter Yamaha cap, 2 screws, manual