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Your request will be processed as quickly as possible. For follow-up questions, please refer to your case number.

Technical support is free of charge.

Please send us a SHORT and PRECISE error description and the SERIAL NUMBER of the product, so we are able to reply to you in a quick and efficient way. For connecting our products, you will need technical knowledge and the vehicle circuit diagram. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any of these informations at this point. We do not provide any vehicle-specific informations with regard to connections or any vehicle circuit diagrams. In case of questions, please contact your local dealer or repair shop.

Installation and Operating Instructions

Please read the entire installation and operating instructions. Here you can find all the relevant informations. Our products are continuously developed, and installation and operating instructions are subject to changes. Please make sure, you do have the correct instructions on hand. To do so, please refer to the front cover of the instructions and the product serial number.

Serial number

In case of product-related questions with regard to instruments or the mo.unit, it is mandatory to provide the product serial number. Without the serial number, it is not possible to respond to your request for support. The serial number is an 8 digit number; for instruments, it will be attached on the back side, and for the mo.unit, it can be found on the side wall. The serial number is NOT contained on the front cover of the installation and operating instructions.


In case your vehicle has been built after year of manufacture 2000, it is likely to be equipped with fuel injection system, anti-lock brakes, immobiliser and data bus. The use of our products may be restricted or even impossible. Before purchasing, please make sure that the specific product is compatible with your vehicle.

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